Welcome is an educational website offering complete unedited, "reality" training videos of international dressage trainers, riding and lecturing on their horses in training in the privacy of their own stables. The experience for you is as if you are there ringside watching and listening to the entire session as if you are being given a private demonstration lesson.  We have selected a group of internationally recognized dressage trainers from Germany, Holland, Belgium, USA, Canada, Spain and other countries. We follow them around the world with our cameras, taping "reality" training videos of them working, riding and lecturing with their horses in training or assisting their most talented students. You can watch these training sessions from your computer and we feature new videos on a monthly basis annouced by our Newsletter.

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How We Are Organized is separated into three geographic sections featuring videos from the world's top dressage trainers in Europe, U. S. East Coast  and U.S. West Coast. With your GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE or STANDARD membership, you can have access to all videos of all trainers regardless of what geographic section a trainer belongs to. After you sign in with your Username and Password, click on the Red button where it says MY ACCOUNT and this takes you to an area which allows you to manage your membership details at your convinience. We welcome you to become a member of and choose whether you would like to become a GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE member and have access to the world's most educational training videos. Call our Customer Care Team for Personal Assistance or for any questions 1-604-746-9222

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Please first watch the free sample videos offered on the home page of the site.  By watching the free sample videos, not only you have a chance to experience the training sessions, but you will also know if your computer is up to standard to play internet video content.  If you can not watch the Free sample videos on the home page, please see our technical requirements page for more information about what your computer needs, such as a fast broadband internet connection.

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The Experience

The experience for you is as if you are standing ringside watching and listening to the entire session as if you are given a private demonstration lesson or watching a clinic taking place.  Watch these top international riders and trainers prepare for competition, or just working with their horses or students, the principals of correct dressage not only for the further education of dressage in itself, but to make their horses better athletes and become even more beautiful, through mind and body, through education, relaxation, movement, confidence and trust. offers you the chance to see how young horses are worked and developed through the training levels by a variety of dressage trainers, riders or teachers. Watch how dressage horses are brought from early training level stages, through first levels, second levels and prepared both physically and mentally for third level dressage. Watch how leg yields, shoulder-ins, the traver, renver and half passes are worked and slowly developed from a day to day routine training schedule. Watch some trainers slowly develop riders and their horses to Prix.St. George, through all FEI levels up to Grand Prix and Freestyles. Watch how some trainers train the passage and piaffe.

It is a life long commitment of every dressage rider to further and deepen his education and understanding of his horse and the art he practices. What better opportunity can there be than being able to watch and learn from how other successful dressage riders from around the world do it, from the comfort of your own home.