Conrad Schumacher

Conrad Schumacher

Conrad was born on his family's 300 acre farm in Neuhof, south of Frankfurt. He sat on his first pony when he was 4 years old. His passion for dressage was ignited during his long association as pupil of mentor Dr. Josef Neckerman.

At the age of 32, after 10 years successfully riding at the national and international level, Conrad focused his extensive knowledge and experience on training others. He began with the German juniors and young rider teams. As his experience and successes grew, Conrad began to understand the importance of placing more emphasis on educating the rider.

Enhancing the rider's physical and mental awareness to create maximum harmony with the horse is now the cornerstone of Conrad's training philosophy. This dressage training philosophy has developed into a system with which he has trained of 4000 rider/horse combinations around the world. The results are impressive!

Olympic Games (Dutch Team):

1992 team silver

1996 team silver, individual bronze

2000 team silver

World Championships (Dutch Team):

1994 team silver, individual bronze

1998 team silver

European Championships (Dutch Team):

1993 team bronze

1995 team silver

1997 team silver

1999 team silver

2001 team silver

In training riders all over the world, Conrad attributes a great deal of his success to the experience of teaching in other countries, where he has discovered variations of training and riding traditions. In his efforts to teach students from such different backgrounds, he has developed a specific formula and regime to ensure that the best results are achieved by all.

His focus on mental fitness and rider awareness are enhanced and developed through his training of the horse with the basic foundations of the scales of training, his prerequisites for optimum performance and his selection of working patterns to achieve correct execution of movements throughout the levels.