Rien van der Schaft

Rien van der Schaft

From when he was a young boy, Rien loves animals. Dogs and horses were his favorites but because he grew up in the city (Rotterdam) contact with horses was almost impossible. However where there's a will there's a way and on a barn called "Hillegersberg" Rien has spend many of his free time.

When Rien was 11 years old he had the privilege to sit on a horse for the first time. Because horseback riding was too expensive for them, Rien got one hour instruction once every three weeks in the beginning. From when he got 16, Rien went out on the road to do as much as possible with horses. He helped cleaning the stables and brushing horses to get, as a reward, the chance to ride on different horses and ponies.

After secondary school Rien successfully completed the study to become trainer in Deurne. Meanwhile Rien worked at a barn in Zelhelm where he met Inge. Because Inge had to finish her education, Rien trained her horse Monseigneur and eventually became member of the Dutch dressage team. Rien and Inge became more and more focused on training dressage horses and especially the many lessons they had from Mr. Oothout have shaped them as dressage riders.

Rien has entered 9 horses in competition at Grand Prix level and together with his wife Inge he trained many horses to international level. Rien was member of the Dutch dressage team from 1979 till 1983 and, for instance, competed on the replacing Olympic championships in Goodwood, two European championships and the World championships. Extra special is the fact that Inge also competed for the Netherlands on two European championships and the World championships.

Rien and Inge are very pleased with the fact that Romy, their daughter, has the same passion to work with horses as they have. With the three of them and their enthusiastic staff, they hope to keep training many horses, with or without their rider, according to the classical principals as they have learned from Mr. Oothout.