Leunis van Lieren

Leunis van Lieren

Leunis van Lieren's dressage training centre called "Hexagon" and founded by himself in 1980 is based in Schore, which is the south western part of The Netherlands.

He is considered one of the most influential and successful international dressage to have come out of Holland and following are some of his most important results as a trainer and coach of dressage horses and riders:

Personal schooling:
Up to today Leunis Van Lieren has personally schooled 8 horses up to Grand Prix level. Six of those were also actually born at the Hexagon stable. He himself was in 2003 and 2004 a member of the Dutch B team with the stallion Hexagons Louisville. He was competing in de Grand Prix on national and international level. Now Hexagons Louisville owned by Karen Offield and is available for breeding in the USA (www.offieldfarms.com.)

Moreover he has proven a great skill as a trainer and coach of both Juniors and Young Riders; his son Laurens van Lieren (NED) has achieved the following results with different horses:

1998 When he was only 16 years old, he had already won the Dutch National Championships (Hexagon's Rubiquil)
2000 Winner of the Dutch National Championships Z2 level (Hexagon's Rubiquil)
2001 Winner of the Dutch National Championships Z1 level (Hexagon's Louisville)

At the age of 19 Laurens van Lieren competed for the first time in the Grand Prix. And before reaching the age of 20 he had won the Dutch National Championschips Z1/ Z2 level three times, with two different horses and the ground assistance of his father.

In the meantime he has been a member of the Dutch team at four FEI European Championships for both Juniors and Young Riders, with remarkable results:
1999 European Championships Juniors in Austria, team silver
2000 European Championships Young Riders in England, team gold
2001 European Championships Young Riders in Germany, team gold
2002 European Championships Young Riders in Italy, team silver

Now he is riding Hexagons Ollright (own bred first son of Rubiquil) at Grand Prix level. He is a valuable member of the A- team seniors. He is number 13 on the world ranking list of the FEI.

2003 Winner of several small tour competitions (Hexagon's Ollright)
2004 First time Grand Prix with Hexagon's Ollright International Grand Prix d?ębut
2005 Dutch Championships third place Grand Prix (Hexagon's Ollright)
European Championships Hagen team silver
2006 Winner Grand Prix Hickstead.(Hexagon's Ollright)
FEI World Equestrian Games Aachen team silver.
7th place World cup final Amsterdam(Hexagon's Ollight)