Felicitas von Neumann

Felicitas von Neumann

Felicitas has lived in the US for 30 years working out of First Choice Farm in Maryland as an international dressage trainer and competitor. Encouraged by her mentor and employer Gene Freeze she went back to Germany and completed her Master Degree as an instructor (Reitlehrer FN) not only first in the class but also with the best scores ever awarded up to that point.

Since, she has trained numerous horses to Grand Prix. Recently, Roulette who was bred at First Choice Farm, placed in the top ten GP horses in the country at the yearend awards, before his career was cut short through an accident.

Her current mount is Tonico do Top who is just starting to show Grand Prix. One of the most frequent compliments to her are the obvious improvement of the horse?s movement and development of their top line as they move up through the levels. She is also recognized as a rider with a beautiful position, as one can see on the cover of the book ?Horse and Rider- Back to Back? and throughout many of the pages inside.

Felicitas has been a frequent contributor to Dressage Today most noted are the articles about ?Work on the hills for the dressage horse? as well as an article about ?Positive Tension?. She is currently the technical advisor for Dressage Today. She also edited Reiner Klimke?s book ?Ahlerich?

In the early years of the USDF instructors program she was one of the examiners until her schedule did not allow it any longer.

She is an effective and articulate clinician, whose style is sympathetic to the horse. Her strength lies in making the horse more beautiful, and allowing them to express themselves. She is sympathetic to the horse and each is trained according to his individual needs and temperament following classical dressage principles. Felicitas patiently encourages the horse to stretch into a soft hand, lift his back and carry his own neck, as if peering over the edge of a cliff. She bases her work on classical methods as exemplified by the best of the European tradition. Typically participants and auditors alike benefit immensely from the creative and subtle strategies Felicitas shares with them. All leave with a better understanding of how to enhance the flow of their horse's energy from back to front, and front to back again. The skills of Felicitas as a clinician are available on-line from, DressageClinic.com.