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September 30, 2009

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Welcome to the Equestrian World's Premier Educational Online Website for the Development of Dressage Horses and Riders. From all the Regularly Featured Trainers of to All Our Members and Visitors, We Wish Your Riding Dreams Come True. Presents
Elizabeth Ball
Riding & Lecturing on
Selten HW

Elizabeth Ball
Riding & Lecturing
Selten HW
Five Year Old Champion at
the 2009 USEF National Young Horse Championships

 Watch Training Video on of Elizabeth Ball working with Selten HW filmed the week before his victory with a score of 86.8%. 

Watch Sample Video Click Here

Elizabeth Ball Lecturing Selten by Sandro Hit 
5 yrs old Hanoverian Gelding
Training: FEI 5 yrs. Olds Sept. 2009
Training Video: 40 minutes
Click Above to watch Sample Video

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“It starts with getting a clear understanding of the tiniest softest little details”, -Elizabeth Ball

     Elizabeth Ball is presently one of the most talked about dressage riders in North America as well as Europe as she is presently training what is considered the best young 5 yr. old in he nation and one of the most talented youngster in the world.  Elizabeth Ball’s 2009 accomplishments include a berth in the nation’s top twelve for the Developing Horse Championships with Soubirous, competing Eckstein Farm’s Orion in several Intermediare 2 classes with scores over 70% and riding Orion in a very well received Grand Prix Pas de Deux with Gunter Seidel at the 2009 World Cup in Las Vegas.  
    Selten HW's overall score for the Five Year Old Final Championship test was 86.800%.  Trot score: 9.2 Canter score: 9.0 Walk score: 7.5 Submission score:8.9 General Impression score:8.8 This incredible youngster, "won" the 2009 USEF/Markel National Young Horse Championships in Illinois last month with Elizabeth holding the reins, and last year Selten HW won the four year old National Championship class at Dressage at Devon 2008.
California’s  mountainous landscape is the backdrop for Elizabeth Balls latest video.  As she warms up Selton at the walk, she fills us in on how  this young horse became hers and Selten’s  infant training by Michael Bragdell at Hilltop Farm.
In  Part 1,  When we filmed this video, Elizabeth's contant thoughts were that the following week they were both off to Ilinois to compete for the Young Horse Championships for the FEI 5 year old test, which includes, counter canter, simple changes, forward trots and canters.
“Especially with the young horses”, Elizabeth explains, “when you are correcting them or showing them new things, it’s got to be that it feels fun for them. Even when the hard things are a bit challenging, there has to be a reward, and that walk break off and on within the work to tell them that “hey you are on the right track. It’s OK”.
Selton is given a comfortable contact with a gentle rein as he begins his trot warm up. “It is easy with a big mover like this", Beth explains, "for my legs to flop around a little and my feet to move more than I would like. This is not as pretty, and it gives him the message that I am always pushing. I need to train him to go without my pushing all the time", Beth continues,  "I am going to try to do a good job about not “overdriving” and at the same time, I can’t just grip my legs to hold them still, otherwise I am not going to be comfortable for him.  He has a lot of motion so there is that movement that happens in my body. It’s about finding a balance between keeping track of my excess movement and doing my best to go with him, with out tensing up”.
In Part 2, as Beth continues working him, they begin their canter work.
Selton's big canter improves as she influences him forward, working on straightness , lateral bending, keeping him in front of her leg, and turning.  “I have to give the aid a little early", Beth says, "because by the time he processes the information of aid, he is already a stride or two late and sometimes he gets a little too close to the fence.”
In Part 3, now that they have done the walk, trot and canter, Elizabeth rides the trot a little bit more collected to teach him what that is about.  The test calls for sitting trot, so Beth sits the trot as they work on shoulder in, shoulderfor, and leg yield.  As Selton gets warmed up mentally and physically he gets going forward on his own begining to carry her. Selton is really just a “baby” he get’s distracted momentarily by another horse.  Elizabeth teaches him that no matter what is going on, he has to always be ready to go forward.  If she puts her leg on, he must move forward and at this point explain a few of her theories about teaching forwardness to a young horse. 
In Part 4, Beth canters Selten in smaller circles to balance his large canter strides. They work on the counter canter that has to be performed in the test.  "It is a good strengthening exercise as well.  I maintain the same bend through the whole body to the left as I had on the true lead.” Beth explains in her calm soothing voice even after 30 minutes of working the horse.  They work together on the simple change as Selton stays responsive truly giving his all.
“At this phase in his training and strength, I have to be so patient, because I know that he could move so much bigger and do all these grand things, but he’s only five years old and he has only been ridden in the last year and a half. Just being in here with him, being happy and willing and trying  is already so much.”  Beth explains as she comes to the end of this training session.
This video is an important video to watch because Elizabeth Ball has such a great teaching style. Ask any of her lucky students and they will tell you. She shows us in her expert, yet gentle way, how to train a young horse, where it can be fun and beneficial for both horse and rider.
     We will continue to follow Elizabeth Ball and the training of her magnificent horse Selton HW, and bring her training videos to you, right on your desktop.  We strongly suggest you watch this training session.  It is part of your development and education as a dedicated dressage rider.

Watch Steffen Peters Working Ravel
After Victories at
World Cup & Aachen Germany

Steffen Peters
Riding & Lecturing Ravel
at Home in Del Mar CA
After Recent International Victories
Watch Sample Steffen Peters Ravel Click Here

The Dressage world has changed.
American rider Steffen Peters and Ravel are at the center of attention.
New Training Video Now Playing on


     How does a rider with his horse continue the training after they become the center of the international dressage  world with victories at the 2009 World Cup and in Aachen Germany as well as top rankings at the Olympics.  The suspense built throughout the night at the 2009 Rolex FEI World Cup Final in the Thomas &  Mack Arena, and with only one American horse remaining in the competition, the crowd had to wait until the third to last horse in the ring. With $102,000 USD on the line and a Rolex watch, the competition was fierce.
Ravel, in first World Cup Final with Steffen Peters, rose to the occasion in a very difficult Freestyle. His flying changes and piaffe and passage were foot perfect, the movements were incredibly tough and the horse just thrived. He got better as the test went on and was rewarded with a mark of 84.95%. It was plenty for the win.
"It is fair to say, and I think I speak for Ravel too," said Peters. "It was magic soil in there. To share that moment in time with the most amazing dressage fans in the world is an incredible feeling. It hasn't quite sunk in yet." 

Owned by Akiko Yamazaki, Ravel, an 11-year-old Dutch gelding, won the Rolex Grand Prix on Friday afternoon, the first time an American has ever won that competition.
"Ravel has an amazing mind," said Peters. "I honestly didn't have to push him. Tonight I could ride him a little more sensitively, he was with me so much. Naturally he's a very, very solid horse. He was extremely confident when we schooled, so I knew he wasn't too bothered by the atmosphere, I can't take credit for his mind he was born like that. I'm one of those really lucky guy who gets to ride a horse like that."
Fourth in the Olympic Games, Ravel has continued to improve and had beautiful piaffe half pass at the end of his test, showing his strength and concentration. The transitions were flawless and the crowd were rewarded for their patience for their hero. He changed his music from the Games, but the basic choreography stayed the same.
     "We worked on the timing," said Peters. "We changed the trot music, it had an Asian theme in Hong Kong and I didn't think that would be suitable for Las Vegas. We changed it to Coldplay Vida la Vida."

  Have fun watching this 5 minute sample of a 25 minute video now playing on

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The Dressage Foundation News's Educator
Lendon Gray
Leads the Future for the 
Dressage Foundation

Watch Video Lendon Gray Click Here

USDF Region 9 Annual Prize for
Dressage Teaching Excellence Award...
Watch Video Now of Lendon Speaking
at the
2009 Professional Riders Clinic & Symposium
with Hubertus Schmidt & Steffen Peters

 This new $5,000 award will recognize and honor excellence in the teaching of Dressage, to a USDF Region 9 Dressage Instructor. This annual award will be presented for the first time at the Great American/USDF Region 9 Championships Dressage Show on Saturday, October 31, 2009, at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center, Katy, Texas.

The vast majority of prizes and awards are won at horse shows by top competitors. Occasionally a trainer/instructor can apply for and receive a scholarship or grant for continuing education purposes. It is time to recognize those who teach well.

The goal is to develop initial, one-time financial donations, as well as annual donations from individuals.  On-going annual contributions may continue until the fund is fully endowed (approximately $100,000+). This award will total $5000/year. The Dressage Foundation is enthusiastically supportive of this award and willing to manage the endowment, and help it grow.

To contribute to the fund, or for donation information contact:
John Boomer

Those individuals who are selected for the Teaching Excellence Award will have many, if not all, of the following attributes:

1)     A USDF Region 9 member in good standing-permanent residence in Region 9. (Required)
2)     A teacher of dressage, whether it is basics-Training through 1st-2nd level; or mid-range 2nd -4th levels; or FEI.  (Required)
3)    Adherence to sound dressage principles, such as outlined by the USDF Training Pyramid.
4)     The ability to communicate these principles of training so that students develop themselves and horses in a logical, progressive and humane way up through the levels. (Required)
5)     A reputation for honesty, integrity and community/regional service.
A USDF Certified Instructor, encouraged, though not required.

A dressage instructor may be nominated by students or peers, by letter emailed or mailed to the Region 9 Director: Bess Reineman

Once received, the nominee will be notified, and may submit a completed application, by the deadline date of Sept 1st.

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  In a calmer moment long before his world record-breaking rides, however, Gal was happy to describe the County Perfection. "I love my County saddle, it's comfortable for me and my horses," he explained. "I have freedom in my saddle and my horses have freedom under my saddle." Appreciation for a saddle that fits both horse and rider is a common theme in the comments of Gal and his contemporaries, including American Olympian Betsy Steiner.  Robert Dover, says it best when it comes to County Saddlery excellence. "I have never ridden in a more confortable saddle than my County Perfection and the difference in my horses is remarkable. I started my  career in Countys and after trying everything else in the world, I am back in Countys" Robert Dover - Six Time Olympian U.S. Team. Credit Riding Magazine CA
California - July, 2009
The lucky winner of the 2009 Free County Saddle contest was Ms. Maguy Palluel, of Santa Rosa, California.  Shortly upon winning the saddle, Ms. Palluel moved to France, where her new County I IMGPicturesCountyWinnerSaddle nnovation saddle will be delivered in a few short weeks. Upon finding out that she had won the saddle, Ms. Palluel exclaimed "I love County so much that is what's make the contest even more exciting for me, I cannot stop smiling thinking of my new saddle!"
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The Ultimate DVD Dressage Training Collection
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George Williams
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Challenge of the Americas
Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The Challenge of the Americas
Now Playing on

Watch Sample Video Click Here

 The Challenge of the Americas, known throughout the equestrian world for its spectacular performances on horseback, returns for its seventh consecutive year to continue its fight against breast cancer. This annual fundraiser is a one-of-a-kind team challenge that highlights the Olympic sports of Grand Prix Dressage and Grand Prix Show Jumping. Competing riders include the “Who’s Who” of the top equestrian competitors in the United States, Canada, Latin America and Europe.

To watch all Freestyles of the
Challenge of the Americas

Visit the Challenge of the Americas Website

Dressage Rider Interviews's Educator Shannon Dueck
Talks to Us From Wellington Florida

Watch Video Shannon Talks to DC com Click Here

     Shannon Dueck is one of the most successfull dressage trainers in North America with numerous international victories.  We had a chance to talk to Shannon in Wellington FL during the Florida Show Circuit.  Shannon and her new superstar mare just finished riding with Hubertus Schmidt at the Professional Riders Symposium in January. Ayscha is very new to bright lights and crowds, but she wowed the crowd with her spectacular movement, and in particular her Piaffe and Passage talent. Another one of her star horses is Ringo Starr (at a tender 7 years of age) was 5th overall at Prix St. George in the USA for 2008, and was the top Oldenburg at PSG in the entire USA in 2008, with a median score of 69.75%.

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